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           Some people believe that physical appearances are essential to our life; others simply belief that internal beauty is much more important and that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Let’s discuss that from a philosophical question “What do we prefer a beautiful rose with an unpleasant smell, or an ugly rose with an amazing smell?”

I met many girls who are not pretty enough, most of them shared the same say “I know that I am not very beautiful, but I am charming because of my soul”, that leads to another question: the one who is not beautiful enough, is he\she must have a crystal pure soul?

I believe it is an argumentative discussion, because beauty is relative to the beholder, even the physical beauty standards differs from one to another according to the culture, the environments, the age, the maturity, and one’s experience.

In my point of view physical beauty has its great effect to attract people, but sooner you might risk losing others attention or have them feeling bored unless the beauty is supported by smart mind and powerful soul, in many cases, physical beauty loses its effect rapidly. On the other hand the person with a good personality, unlikely with no charming face might take time to attract people, but once there is solid contacting, his\her charisma and effectiveness start to appear and to make differences. In my own belief, physical appearance is not only about the features and the body it is about cleanliness, properly dressing and a style of communication which have to be cared for, not only the features or the charming eyes.

Finally, I prefer to lean on the internal beauty which represents the attitude, the thought, the belief, and determines whether there is a way to continue with that person or it is just a matter of fun. I remember a quote that says “Speak, therefore I can see you.”