Sorry Board

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Sorry Board
Story & Idea

The story:

Once upon a time, a wise father that his boy was irascible and irritable and the parent wanted to the little child how to adjust his feelings and to select his words carefully so as not to hurt one of his behavior. The father said, my son, I want you to carry these nails Sorryand hammer and that whenever you feel angery or you say bad word; hammer a nail into this wall; case you realize the impact of what you did. The boy obeyed his father and began hammering a nail into the wall with all the abuse in the words or action. Initially it was difficult and frightful inscriptions appeared on the wall. The child knew the ugly deed and how he made ​​a quick anger, and it probably hurt many folks. As if the wall became the child’s mirror, he saw his picture, as he wished not to be. Then he tried hard to reduce the number of nails hammered and start to watch his words and catch on his anger and has already begun gradually decreasing the number of nails until that day when he did not hit one nail. Full of joy the boy rushed to his father to tell him about his deeds. The father said wisly: done well and I am so proud of you and it will increase my joy if you are able to take off all the nails by apologizing to any one you hurt one day. As a good, kind, and smart boy, he decided to apologize to those offended and looked at the wall and realize that he has a heavy load , but it began . And after a while he was able to pull out all the nails and he had this feeling of victory and pride after he have learned to choose the right words to say and show respect to others. He went to his father and told him what had made. The father smiled and said: My son, I am proud of you and your efforts and you surely deserve a good reward. Next week I will share with you a new important lesson. The boy remained proud, pleased with obeying his father, and enjoyed the reward obtained, however he was eager to know what will happen in the next week. The days go by and the boy comes to his father, asking him about the new lesson. The father smiled gently with compassion and took his son to the wall and said: My son, you’ve knocked nails and taken them out but look to the wall that is full of holes and defects, and my son, we, the humans, are like that wall, abusing us is like a nail hammered into our flesh and with sincere applolgy you take the nail out but wound and scar remain. The strong words touch our souls and apology cure impact lasts longer and never be forgotten until great efforts shown. My son, you better care for people and manage the selection of your words and deeds before you offend then apologize then leave a mark does not heal nor be forgotten.

Ponder the words of God Almighty:

Seest thou not how Allah coineth a similitude: A goodly saying, as a goodly tree, its root set firm, its branches reaching into heaven * Giving its fruit at every season by permission of its Lord ? Allah coineth the similitudes for mankind in order that they may reflect * And the similitude of a bad saying is as a bad tree, uprooted from upon the earth, possessing no stability*

[Surat 14] Ayat 24-26

And remember the words of the Prophet Muhamed peace be upon him where he said: (The good word is charity), The truth of from God and His Messenger.

The idea:

Often we hear quotes and stories full of lessons, but we always forget. I liked that story a lot. And I realized how much of their usefulness in our daily behavior. So we, My wife and I, decided to put it on my blog to read and I wanted to share with you how to retrieve those lessons once in a while. We had some pieces of wood that we cut to create the board and I put some nails, painted it, and typed website to read the story. We can use the little board as a paper holder on the desk or hang it on a wall or given to a friend or relative to ask for an apology or to share a great lesson in the art of communication and dialogue or training on self-esteem and appreciation of others.


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