About ME

I enjoy writing and sharing ideas with different people. I love to learn and gain new concepts of life and business too. Not only I write to share my thoughts, but also writing helps me very well to release stress, anger, and to keep me in balance. As here in this blog, I can say the “POSITIVE NO” when I can show my disagreement by providing solutions or developing constructive feedback.

​I dream of the BEE Communities that work all together for the sake of better life. This blog is an invitation for developing our life style to be easier, more professional, productive, and full of fun.​

​Thank you in advance and hope you enjoy reading.

For business interest, please visit: http://amirkafafy.wix.com/talent

  1. واحد مصرى says:

    كويس اننا نعرف عنك .. بس مش كلنا بيعرف انجليزى .. ممكن تترجم بعد أذنك

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